Our Story

Sushi for Weddings and Corporate Events in Los Angeles

Chef Kenji grew up around food as his parents were always cooking and entertaining close friends and relatives.  His humble roots commence as a bartender in a Japanese restaurant where he befriended the top chef and earned an apprenticeship.  Shortly after this good fortune, Chef Kenji’s unrelenting drive for culinary excellence rewarded him with a position as a Benihana style chef at an award-winning restaurant in Palm Desert. 

He thrived and flourished in the Art of Japanese cooking, and eventually this passion challenged him to embark in a much greater skillset … the Fine Art of Sushi.  During his tenure, Chef Kenji was influenced by 3 different styles of cooking.  Chef Kazu trained him in the traditional style and discipline of Japanese cooking.  Chef Hiro taught him the intricacies of Californian-influenced Japanese cuisine.  Last but not least, Chef Yamaguchi exposed Chef Kenji’s mind, heart, and palate to classic French & Italian culinary excellence.   

After 6 years of intense formal training in the Art of Fine Japanese Cuisine, Chef Kenji relocated and bestowed his culinary mastery in restaurants as far south as Orange County, and as far north as Beverly Hills, CA, where he continues to thrive today.

Armed with an “only the best and freshest will do” attitude, Chef Kenji utilizes only fresh ingredients supplied by local producers, daily selected fresh fish, and top shelf seafood ingredients from top tier suppliers around the globe.

Chef Kenji’s style is best described as an immersion of artful colors and exquisite flavors that are sure to satisfy taste buds with delight and awe.